You can find Shirley J products at the following grocery stores. Please note that each store carries different products.

Harmons Grocery Stores:
- Mugging envelopes
- Mugging canisters
- Mugging Gift Sets
- Whisk Bliss (32 oz. and 2 oz.)
- Whisk Bliss White Cheddar (2oz.)
- Gluten-Free Whisk Bliss (32 oz.)
- Gluten-Free Brownie Mix (Some locations, not all)
- Beef Bouillon
- Chicken Bouillon
- Onion Seasoning
- Pizza & Pasta Seasoning
- BBQ Sauce Mix

- Mugging envelopes
- Mugging canisters
- Whisk Bliss 2 oz
- Whisk Bliss White Cheddar 2 oz.

Participating Associated Food Stores like Macey's, Fresh Market, Dan's, Dick's, and Lin's in St. George and Hurricane.
- Mugging Envelopes
- Mugging Canisters
- Mugging Gift Sets

We are also in a number of independent associated food stores. Please call our office or these stores below to get details.
- Wangsgardes in Ogden- Lee's in Northern Utah
- Bowman's in Northern Utah
- Soelbergs in Tooele
- Winegars in Northern Utah
- Days Markets
- Reams