Fudge Brownie

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Shirley J Fudge Brownies are deliciously decadent. They're chewy and fudgy and full of chocolate, and that's just their beginning. Add fruits, nuts and your choice of chips to change end results and enhance flavors.

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22 oz: $7.95
4 lbs: $16.95

Fudge Brownie Recipes

Chocolate Chip Fudge Cookies
Rocky Road Brownies

Tried and Tested

"Wonderful, like eating at a bakery." - Glords on Shirley J Rocky Road Brownies

"Minty fudge goodness! They set up so well and really do taste like a decadent fudge." - Linda Connelly on chocolate mint brownies

The girl's night go-to.
The family fav.
The treat for guests.
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