Chatter We Love:

"I am completely hooked on the cream sauce. It was the best creamed peas and carrots I have ever eaten. We ate them with baked potatoes and the following day with corn muffins. Leftovers were excellent!" - Karen Haeck

“I made each [M30M] meal and received rave reviews on almost every single dish from my family and friends! Each dish was easy to prepare, and it was fun to make things I had never tried before.” - Linda Connelly

Mitch Bausman

"I cooked from scratch all my life, but when my mother-in-law introduced me to Shirley J, I began using and sharing the wonders of these products with everyone.”

"As a registered dietician and a nutrition professional in the healthcare industry, I see a benefit to this product [Universal Sauce]. And on the other hand, I'm a mother of young children, and I feel like Shirley J products nutritionally meet the needs of both healthcare and my family. They are also really easy to use and versatile with many, many applications. So we get both the health benefits and versatility." - Susan Stillman Linja, RD, LD

Mindy Ashby

“I have been using [Shirley J Universal Sauce] since 1997. I use it for everything. When I come home and am tired and have people flying out the door in a million directions, I just open up the fridge and see what I have inside and then put it in Universal Sauce!”

“A lot of the time, I have everything [Shirley J] I need in the pantry, and I can put together something and call it dinner.” - Amy Evans

Rolinda Tidwell

“There are [Shirley J] things I try and take, and someone always asks for the recipe and all the ingredients to make it exactly the same way.”

"My customers love Shirley J products; once they taste them, they are sold!" - Lesa S.

Jana Trigg

“Everything in my house that is creamy or saucy originates with the Universal Sauce.”

"Being able to make hundreds of incredible dishes from just one product has given us a whole new lease on cooking life. We've gone from being so-so cooks to so-amazing cooks by just adding water and a little creativity." - Alice O. & Patty L.

Crystal Christian

“[Shirley J Universal Sauce] has been the number one reason I feel so confident in the kitchen. I actually feel like I can become a fantastic cook with lots of different recipes.”

"The Shirley J opportunity is unbeatable. It is fun and so easy to share with others. This is the first business I have been involved in that people actually thank me for sharing these amazing products with them." - Georgia C.

Lindsay Turner

“We make our own BBQ sauce now with the Shirley J mix. Nothing store-bought can even compare!"

"The M30M program  has been so rewarding for me. I love making each meal and then receiving Shirley J gift certificates and fun rewards, like chef knives, after completing each meal!" - Aimee S.

Julia Ferguson

“I think I have made more homemade food since using Shirley J products. It's so easy to just grab a few things from the grocery store and be able to make homemade meals all week.”

"The convenience of having products like these [Shirley J] on hand so you don't have to run to the store is an energy saver." - Robert & Yvonne Dinubilo

“My daughters and I know that we can make anything from the [M30M] cookbook with success, and we have had fun substituting Shirley J in our own family recipes!” - Linda Connelly

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