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Our goal is to help you feed your family, and spend the most quality time with them as possible.

Shirley J celebrates 45 years of making cooking easy and delicious


Shop for it all from macaroons, cookies to our specialty dough conditioner, including a variety of gluten free options.


Shop for soups and sauces, specializing in our must have universal sauce aka Whisk Bliss, also available in gluten free.


Shop for spices and seasonings, including our beef & beef bouillon, slow cooker seasonings and BBQ sauce mix.

Fresh Recipes

Italian Meat Sauce
Hawaiian BBQ Meatballs
Green Bean and Sausage Casserole
  • I made mac and cheese last night at 8 pm for dinner! Thank goodness I had Universal Sauce, it was so quick and easy! All I did was cook the macaroni noodles, added about a cup of extra sharp cheese to the soup base, and voila! My kids loved it because they could control how much "cheesiness" was on their macaroni! I loved that it only took 10 minutes! I am hooked!!!

    Jen C. Saratoga Springs, UT
  • My son hates soup of any kind. So normally I don't make soup because I don't want the argument. My mother dropped off some creamy turkey chili she made using Shirley J Original Cream Soup and Sauce Mix. I didn't feel like making anything else that night so I gave the kids the chili. The whole time my son keep saying, "Mom, this is good! I don't like soup but I like this!" The son that has always hated soup, slurped this chili right up! In fact, both he and my three-year old daughter finished their entire meals, which never happens!

    Ali H. Provo, UT

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