We are a cooking and baking solutions company based in Lindon, Utah.

We create cooking solutions (soup and sauce bases, seasonings, bouillons and baking mixes) for professional chefs and institutional food service customers and share these same great professional products with everyday cooks. Shirley J products help you create delicious food for you and your family using tried and true formulas that have been proven in professional kitchens for over 35 years.

Our Legacy
Tried and True

When Don Smith, an accomplished food scientist, developed the recipe for Shirley J® Universal Sauce, he knew he’d uncovered something miraculous. He named the company after his sweet wife and built the Shirley J® reputation selling his innovative mixes to professionals in restaurants, schools and other large demanding kitchens. For over 35 years we have held true to that legacy, serving the commercial food service industry with the same innovation and dedication to quality that Don embraced, and now we make these same products available to any home kitchen.


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